The Marine Geological Samples Laboratory (MGSL) of the Graduate School of Oceanography (GSO), University of Rhode Island serves as the central repository for dredge rocks, deep-sea cores, and land-based geological samples collected by the Marine Geology and Geophysics group at GSO/URI. The facility is located on the Narragansett Bay Campus of the University of Rhode Island in Narragansett, R.I. Its main purpose is to assure that geological samples are properly stored, described, preserved and available for use by qualified investigators from both inside and outside the institution. Partial funding for curatorial activities in the MGSL is obtained from the Ocean Science Division of the National Science Foundation.

Sediment Cores

Dredge Rocks      
ROV Samples
The MGSL currently maintains a collection of 1865 sediment cores stored under refrigerated conditions, 1039 dredge rock samples, 791 ROV core and grab samples, and 767 coastal grab samples. All samples are currently available for distribution to qualified investigators under the institutional sample distribution policy.

How to find a sample: All sample metadata including location, water depth and sample type is included in the Index to Marine Geological and Lacustrine Samples (IMGLS) database operated by NOAA.The database has an excellent searching interface that can be used to identify samples held at the MGSL (URI) based on a variety of search criteria.

How to request a sample: Samples can be requested by contacting the MGSL curator Dr. Steven Carey at the Graduate School of Oceanography University of Rhode Island (
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