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Program Outcomes
– The primary goal of the SURFO Program is aimed at attracting and retaining undergraduates into professional careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields.
– The secondary goal is to expose students to the field of Oceanography as a potential career opportunity.
– The tertiary goal is to pair students with faculty in graduate school at oceanographic institutions, especially GSO/URI.

Over the years, the SURFO Program has been very successful at achieving these goals, as indicated by the brief list of summary statistics presented below:

  • Over 305 SURFO participants since 1984 (~9-12 each year).
  • 59% of past SURFOs attended graduate school in a MS program and 38 % obtained a PhD degree.
  • 1-2 of the SURFOs from each year attend graduate school at GSO.
  • 65% of the SURFO participants are female.


Seismic activity in Alaska

Seismic activity in Alaska

SURFO participants and their advisors are encouraged to publish the results of their summer research in peer-reviewed journals:

Peer-reviewed Papers

All SURFO papers generated at the end of each summer session are published in a GSO Technical Report. Digital copies are available from 2000 to 2006, and from 2011 to present:

Technical Reports


Adena Schonfeld at the Flat Fish Biology Conference December 2016

Adena Schonfeld at the Flat Fish Biology Conference 2016

Presentations at Meetings
SURFO participants are heartily encouraged to present their summer research at regional or national meetings:

Meeting Presentations




SURFO BBQ on the GSO quad

SURFO BBQ on the GSO quad

Past Participants
A listing of all the past SURFO participants, project titles, and advisors since 1986 has been compiled:

List of Participants