Fish Sounds

Recordings available on audio CDs

The collection of recordings of 153 species of fish from the western North Atlantic is available on CD. This compilation of sounds represented decades of work by Marie Poland Fish and her colleagues. The original magnetic tapes were found in a storage vault after having been neglected for 30 years. The tapes were transcribed into a computer and are available on audio CDs.

See the release notice for more background on the collection and for information on ordering the CDs.
Release notice

View the index to the fish sounds collection (PDF file)

Hear example sounds.  These are some of the more characterful recordings. These are large files in AIF format.  The larger two will take about a minute to load with a fast connection and much longer with a modem connection.

The sounds are copyrights of the University of Rhode Island.  Please feel free to download and listen to them.  However, the sounds may not be redistributed or used for commercial purposes without permission of the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography

    Sea Catfish (25 MB)
    Bigeye Scad (4.5 MB)
    Weakfish  (22 MB)
    Longhorn Sculpin (8 MB)
    Atlantic Croaker (11 MB)
    Rock Hind (11 MB)
View an example page (in PDF)  from the printed volume, Sounds of the Fishes of the Western North Atlantic.

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