Mapping in Otis Pike Wilderness Area

The mapping team is gearing up for an exciting and productive week! We will be revisiting areas surveyed last year within the Otis Pike Wilderness portion of Fire Island National Seashore. We will be looking at side-scan data from last year to identify areas such as seagrass beds and interesting morphological features to be re-mapped with the goal of assessing how dynamic these areas are. In addition, these re-mapped areas will allow for data comparison between two sonars; we purchased a new, higher resolution sonar over the winter and are eager to see the results.



The 2015 Fire Island Mapping Team!   From left to right: Casey Hearn (GSO PhD student), Monique LaFrance Bartley (GSO Marine Research Assistant), Sean Scannell (URI undergraduate), Nicholas Englehart (URI undergraduate), Mitchell Kennedy (URI undergraduate).


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Where we are! Fire Island is located south of Long Island. Fire Island National Seashore includesthe northern shoreline of Fire Island and extends about half a mile into the waters of Great South Bay. The Otis Pike Wilderness portion of the Seashore is just outside of Watch Hill Marina (blue dot).