Life as an Undergraduate (A Little Note from the Interns)

This summer the three of us (Nic Englehart, Mitchell Kennedy and Sean Scannell) were selected to join Dr. John King’s team of researchers prior to the final year of our undergraduate studies here at URI. This project has been an excellent experience and an eye opening opportunity for us to get involved in field work that relates to our studies. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the Fire Island Project is the fact we have the ability to apply the knowledge and skills that we have learned in the classroom to assist in the research on Fire Island with Monique and Casey. Having the opportunity to work alongside both of them is a treat because of their extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for the research we are conducting. We have learned a great deal of valuable information and skills from the both of them that can not be gained through a lecture or a textbook. These are the experiences that will help us succeed in our future endeavors following our time here at the lab and after graduation from URI next May.



The three of us (left to right: Mitch, Sean, Nic) deploying the sonar.

More to come soon!