Most volcanic activity on Earth takes place at mid-ocean ridge spreading centers deep below the sea surface (red areas on map to right). The average depth to the ocean ridge is about 2800 meters where the pressure is 300 times the atmospheric pressure and the water temperature is close to freezing. New ocean crust is continuously being formed at these depths due to submarine eruptions, as the lithospheric plates spread apart. Eruptions on the ridge discharge mostly basaltic magma that forms unique types of lava flows due to the presence of seawater.  
Observing submarine eruptions and flows
In this part of the exercise you will observe a submarine eruption and examine the types of flows that are produced by this activity.  

Do the following:

    1.View the video of eruption 1 and describe the activity in the field notebook      
  2. View the resulting flows and describe their features in the field notebook
  Eruption 1 View Eruption 1 Products