Dean Knauss chats with Edwin Newman, award-winning journalist and author, who moderated the symposium, Future of the World's Oceans, the centerpiece of GSO's 25th anniversary celebration (left).

Benjamin R. Sturges, URI President Edward D. Eddy, Senator Claiborne Pell, Francis H. Horn, and Marie Poland Fish (l to r) were honored at GSO. The cake was created by Gerald Krauss, Professor of Marine Affairs.

The Anniversary Kickoff Reception on January 17 at the Narragansett Bay Campus begins the Graduate School of Oceanography's 25th anniversary year with a big thank-you to the people who established and continue to support GSO.
      Four people top the list of those being honored: Dr. Marie Poland Fish, who, with her late husband Charles J. Fish instituted the first academic program in marine biology at URI; Benjamin R. Sturges of Saunderstown, who led the effort to acquire land for the original marine lab; Francis H. Horn, former University president, under whose administration the GSO was founded and who has supported it ever since; and Claiborne Pell, the person mainly responsible for the establishment of the Sea Grant program at URI, and for whom the Pell Marine Science Library is named.
      In addition to helping GSO observe its quarter-century mark, it's an unprecedented opportunity to see first-hand some of the important contributions made by the state oceanographic school to advances made in the marine and geographical study of the world's oceans.
      Examples of this are the all-day seminar in July on the "Future of the World's Oceans" planned in conjunction with the Providence Journal-Bulletin, and an Open House on the Narragansett Bay Campus during Anniversary Week, from July 1-6.
      Other events include a Gordon Bok concert, a Stan Waterman film, a GSO Clambake, the URI Foundation Ball which this year takes place at sea in honor of the 25th anniversary, and a symposium on Narragansett Bay.

---The University Pacer, January 16, 1986

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