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Tatiana Rynearson
Assoc. Professor of Oceanography
Coastal Institute, rm 236

Educational Background

University of Washington
Brown University

Areas of Specialization


My research goals are to understand the ecological and evolutionary processes shaping genetic diversity in the plankton and to examine how those processes affect plankton community structure, function and productivity. Ecologically important events such as environmental adaptation, sexual reproduction, rates of migration and fluctuations in population size are recorded in the DNA of every individual. My approach is to identify and exploit the genetic variation that exists within and between individuals to examine how plankton respond to their environment. I use techniques from the fields of population genetics, genomics, biostatistics, physiological ecology and physical oceanography to examine 1) population genetics and biodiversity of phytoplankton and zooplankton, 2) metabolic responses to nutrient stress in phytoplankton, 3) prey selection in zooplankton, 4) adaptive evolution and speciation of plankton and 5) the relative roles of dispersal and natural selection in determining the structure and productivity of planktonic communities.


Graduate Marine Molecular Ecology, Graduate Plankton Ecology, Graduate Population Genetics, Graduate/Undergraduate Data Analysis and Communication, Graduate/Undergraduate Advances in Genome Biology, Undergraduate Honors projects, Undergraduate Senior Research projects, URI101- Traditions and transformations: a freshman seminar


Director, Narragansett Bay Long Term Monitoring Program (http://www.gso.uri.edu/phytoplankton), Co-director, URI Center of Excellence in the Marine Life Sciences (http://www.gso.uri.edu/seawaterfacilities/CEMLS/Welcome.html), Science co-director, Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting


Gang Chen, Postdoctoral Fellow
Ryan Morse, Postdoctoral Fellow
Kerry Whittaker
Kelly Canesi
Sarah Flickinger
Jenn Bailey
Melissa Mercier
Chris Piecuch
Christopher O'Brien
Nate Andrews
PhD 2009, University of Maryland
PhD 2011, Old Dominion University
MS (2012)
MS (2011)
MS (2010)
undergraduate research
undergraduate research


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