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Igor Belkin
Marine Research Scientist
Physical oceanography
Areas of Expertise
Circulation, Fronts, Large-scale ocean dynamics, Large-scale structures, Numerical modeling of mixing and circulation, Observations of mixing and circulation, Ocean circulation, Ocean current measurements, Ocean dynamics, Oceanic fronts, Satellite imagery
Office Location
Watkins Bldg, Room 123B
Ph.D. P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, 1987
M.S. St. Petersburg University, 1975
Igor Belkin is a physical oceanographer who studies oceanic fronts, their geographical distribution, physical structure, temporal variability, and diverse manifestations and applications. He also conducts research on the long-term variability of the World Ocean, especially formation and propagation of large-scale temperature/salinity/sea ice anomalies in the North Atlantic and other oceans.
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Sherman, K., I. Belkin, S. Seitzinger, P. Hoagland, D. Jin, M.-C. Aquarone, and S. Adams (2010) Sustainability of Large Marine Ecosystems of Southeast Asia. Journal of Science and Technology in the Tropics 6, 74-90.

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Oceanic fronts, carbon flux and climate change. Joint International Workshop of OCCOS and CHOICE-C, April 4, 2011. Xiamen, China.

Satellite oceanography of fronts. PORSEC 10th Biennual Conference, October 18, 2010, Keelung, Taiwan.

Southward Propagation of Arctic/Subarctic Temperature Anomalies Along North America’s Eastern Seaboard, AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting, Orlando, FL, March 2008.

Satellite Climatology of Chlorophyll and SST Fronts in the Northeast U.S. Large Marine Ecosystem, AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting, Orlando, FL, March 2008.

An Algorithm for Oceanic Front Detection in Chlorophyll and SST Satellite Imagery, NASA Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems Workshop, Adelphi, MD, April 28-May 2, 2008.

ICES Annual Science Conference, Helsinki, September 2007: Baltic Sea thermal fronts from satellite data; Fronts in the World Ocean’s Large Marine Ecosystems; Satellite Climatology of SST and Chlorophyll Fronts in the Northeast U.S. Large Marine Ecosystem.

2nd Global Conference on Large Marine Ecosystems, Qingdao, China, September 2007: Oceanic fronts in Large Marine Ecosystems.

IUGG XXIV General Assembly, Perugia, Italy, July 2007: Fronts in the World Ocean’s Large Marine Ecosystems; Propagation of Temperature-Salinity Anomalies along North America’s Eastern Seaboard; Satellite Climatology of SST and Chlorophyll Fronts in the Northeast U.S. Large Marine Ecosystem.
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