The Crew of the R/V Endeavor

We have been thoroughly impressed by the outstanding professionals who make up the crew of R/V Endeavor.  Everyone has been very helpful and patient answering our many questions. It has been our pleasure to sail with you!


CAPT Steve Beuth – Aside from keeping us on course and safe, he’s also super friendly and conversational. We enjoyed his chat about how to find the star Polaris.


Lynne Butler – the amazing Lynne knows everything about everything in the labs and on deck – from operating cranes and computers and making sure the satellite communications dish is pointed in the proper direction. She also gave us daily lessons on deck seamanship – we’re much better at tying knots now!


Amanda Wright – Amanda is the chief steward. She’s awesome, preparing three delicious meals each day, plus snacks between meals, in a very small galley. Everyone raves about the food on R/V Endeavor. Thanks Amanda!


Oscar Sisson – Ship’s bos’n. Anytime we were launching or retrieving the wire flyer using the A-frame, the Bos’n was in charge, making sure everything was safe and smooth.

There are several other crew members who we did not have a chance to photograph, but to whom we are equally indebted, especially the engineers, who keep the propeller turning and the lights burning. Thanks to all!