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Profile Page

Percy Donaghay
30 Coastal Institute
401 8746944

Educational Background

Ph.D., Biological Oceanography
M.S Biological Oceanography
B.A., Biology
Oregon State University
Oregon State University
University of Delaware

Areas of Specialization


Biological, physical and bio-physical control of plankton ecology and plankton patch dynamics; development of theoretical and numerical models of the underlying processes at both small and mesoscale; development of instruments and sampling techniques to simultaneously quantify controlling biological and physical structure and processes; development of inverse techniques for extraction of physical, optical and biological dynamics from field data. I have a highly interdisciplinary program that is focused on biological-physical interactions and plankton patch dynamics.


Michael Twardowski
Jennifer Miksis


Donaghay, P.L., and T.R. Osborn, 1997. Toward a theory of biological-physical control of harmful algal bloom dynamics and impacts”. Limnol. Oceanogr., 42(5) 1283-1296.

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Donaghay, P.L., 2004. Profiling systems for understanding the dynamics and impacts of thin layers of harmful algae in stratified coastal waters. Proceedings of the 4th Irish Marine Biotoxin Science Workshop, 44-53.

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Donaghay, P.L., 2004. "The role of finescale physical-biological interactions in controlling the dynamics and impacts of thin layers of harmful algal in stratified coastal waters." ICES Workshop on Future Directions in Modeling Physical-Biological Interactions, Barcelona, Spain March 8-9, 2004. p. 10.

Donaghay, P.L., 2004. "Fine-scale measurements and vertical stratification of in thin-layers in embayments." Abstracts, GEOHAB open science meeting HABS in Fjords and Embayments.

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Donaghay, P.L., 2005. Temporal and spatial variation in the shear ambit of a plankter in the ocean. Abstracts 2005 ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting.


Member for
7 years 3 weeks