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Profile Page

Rebecca S. Robinson
Assoc. Professor of Oceanography
312 CACS

Educational Background

Ph.D., Marine Geology and Geochemistry
M.S., Earth Sciences
A.B., Geology
University of Michigan
University of Southern California
Bryn Mawr College

Areas of Specialization


My primary interests lie in the cycling of biologically important elements, with a particular focus on the marine nitrogen cycle. On-going projects involve: 1) changing nutrient status of the Southern Ocean; 2) biogeochemical cycling within low latitude upwelling systems; 3) Linkages between nutrient status in the polar oceans and low latitude productivity.


OCG 648 Paleoceanography, Biological Controls on Ocean Chemistry




Patrick Bedsole, MS
Annie Hartwell, MS
Courtney Schmidt, PhD
Matt Horn, PhD, 2011
Julie Fliegler, MS, 2009



Robinson, R. S., Kienast, M. and NICOPP Working Group Members, 2012. A review of nitrogen isotopic alteration in marine sediments. Paleoceanography.

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