The exercises can be done individually. The average time to complete the exercises is about 1.5 to 2 hours. You may stop at any time and return to the exercises at another time. All of your work is recorded in your field notebook document and nothing is saved by the software.

The field notebook is an essential tool of a field geologist and forms a central part of this exercise. A copy of the notebook can be downloaded as a pdf file and then printed. The notebook contains specific questions and areas for descriptions that are keyed to the progress through the exercise.
There are 10 tasks to complete in this exercise. Each task is marked with a field notebook icon and number.
Most site pages contain a contents column on the left-hand side showing the overall layout of the module and links to the major components. Some pages have a video narration with instructions, just click on the video button to view it. Other pages have a sound narration with instuctions or descriptions of activities on the page.
Software Requirements

1. The site is best viewed with Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher. IMPORTANT! Turn off pop-up blocker on your browser!

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2. The site uses Quicktime virtual reality images to display 360 degree views of the field area. You will need the QTVR plug-in to view the images. An example of a QTVR image is shown to the right. Place the cursor on the image, hold down the mouse button and move the mouse left or right to pan around the image. If you don't see the image you need to download the plugin.
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3. Some of the animations are created with Macromedia Director and require the Shockwave Player plugin.
Example of a QTVR image
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